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In high school, I was put into a photography class because the school decided not to run the other arts course that I had chosen to study.  The idea of photography didn't interest me at all and it was with much dispute I attended the first lesson.


At the end of the first class, I was hooked.  It completely changed my opinion.  I was fancinated with what I might be able to do with the Pentax K1000 35mm that the school had just given me for the year. I absolutely fell in love with photography and I have carried a camera with me ever since.  


I have been a photographer in some form or another for the last 17 years.  I started out on 35mm black and white, developing and processing my own film and photos in a dark room.  After leaving high school, I trained at the University of Sydney Union Film & Television School, specialising in Cinematography & Editing.  I have worked on several films, shooting on film and digital formats.


Unfortunately, I lost my entire photography portfolio a few years ago in a fire and have had to start again from scratch.  I now shoot entirely digitally and I enjoy the almost endless creativity that allows.

I recently received an Honourable Mention in the International Photo Awards 2016.

See the photo here

I hope you enjoy my work.



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